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JeanLuc & Co.

Good Music Wave

United States

High-end fabric quality meets millennial street fashion and design with JeanLuc & Co., a Texas based clothing line.

JeanLuc & Co. is a high-end streetwear brand, inspired by millennium fashion. This company aims to make a impact with its unique collections of athleisure and statement tee streetwear.

JeanLuc & Co. blew up in the Austin, TX scene in late 2019, with influencer co-signs from pro-athletes and entertainers in the Texas and California areas. This black-owned company continues to grow with the upcoming re-launch of their line (post Covid-19) on February 19th, 2021.

JeanLuc & Co. delivers style, quality and comfortability in all of their products, as well as boasting an interactive, beneficial ambassador and influencer program.

Make sure to follow this growing clothing brand on all social platforms and check out their new collection online!

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