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Cha'Keeta B - Fuck Boy Free Ft. Lakrea

She's BACK! Austin's own Cha'keeta B finally drops something new for us, and similar to everything she's dropped in the past, when she drops it, it hits! She just released a new track entitled "Fuck Boy Free" and it's a whole mood for the ladies. Especially for the summer time. The track touches on her emotions while going through a tough time dealing with a dude that wasn't quite meeting her standards. However, if you listen closely to the lyrics, you'll see she's not crying about it at all. She's fed up and in your face with her confident display of feminism and triumph in this hard hitting track. As for the hook, we definitely love the feel of it. Her feature, Lakrea,hit the vibe and the notes too nicely. Overall, we know you're going to play this track more than once. It's that good!

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