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Austin & Houston Asian Doll Shows Cancelled

Not once, but twice, eager Texans and Asian Doll fans lost their chance to see the Dallas rapper perform for her UFC Tour.

Via promoter Third String Productions, Dallas rapper, Asian Doll was scheduled to perform in Austin, Texas at the venue "Empire" on October 28th. Due to unexplained circumstances the promoters were forced to cancel the Austin show, disappointing fans and artists who were scheduled to perform.

Faith was restored upon hearing that she would be performing at another show in Houston, just under 2 hrs outside of Austin. The scheduled artists for the Austin line-up were promptly moved to the Houston show and the production was seemingly going to go on. However, hours before the scheduled Houston show with Asian Doll, at White Oak Hall, artists who were scheduled to perform received the most disappointing news. The show had been cancelled for a second time in a row and there would be no follow up event in Texas. In other words, if you didn't catch Asian Doll at the Dallas, Texas show, then you probably won't be seeing here around these parts for a little while.

The promoters claim that the show was cancelled due to inclement weather.Amid all of the fuss and uproar between scheduled artists and dedicated fans, The Dallas rapper quickly took to the internet to apologize to her audience. Luckily enough, all guests who purchased tickets will get a refund, minus the processing fee.

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