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J Soulja Hits The Ground Running in 2020!

If you haven't heard of J Soulja yet, it's just a matter of time. As one of the hottest and hardest working artists out of Austin, Texas he has been making waves all over the industry.

He navigates multiple lanes fluidly, as he's not only an artist, but also a business man. He's the CEO of 4Life4Ever Ent and has seen an unprecedented amount of growth with his showcase series "The Smokeout". His success has reached new levels as he starts the year off, not only by becoming an official SXSW artist, but he has also been able to land his biggest event series, "The Smokeout" on the books as an official SXSW event on March 18th! Since the very beginning, every show has seen an increase in participants and attendees.

He's also no slouch in the music industry, as his music has been recognized by major labels such as TDE (Top Dog Entertainment). J Soulja recently entered a rap contest hosted by "Reason" of TDE and was able to place in the top 5 out of hundreds of contenders around the country.

In addition to his most recent accomplishments, he has also just announced that he's dropping a new EP entitled "Gucci Flamingo" this week. Similar to his music videos for "Flickin It Up" and "Feelin It", which are both definite attention grabbers, J Soulja's new EP is highly anticipated to be another work of art that will keep us engaged. It's just the beginning of 2020 and J Soulja has been making the most of it. We cant wait to see what he has in store for the rest of the year. Follow him in all platforms @officialjsoulja @thesmokeoutatx

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