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Upcoming Artist Yung Ro Stops Suicide Attempt

The newest signee to Meek Mill's "Dream Chaser's Records', Yung Ro, saved a man from a possible suicide attempt. The young artist was driving through Houston, TX when he saw a man trying too jump from the top of a Valero Gas Station roof. He gets on his Instagram Live and shows his viewers what he's seeing. He tells his friend to pull over saying he has to get out and help. After emerging from the vehicle, he quickly walks over to the site riddled with police officer and the fire department

He started yelling towards the man "Stop playin' like that bro, your about to be gone.' Seeing as the man was responsive to him, police officers did let him through to talk to the man on the roof. His friend, who was recording the live at this time, wasn't allowed through but he kept the live going anyway and you can see Yung Ro's inaudible pleas. He de-escalated the situation and the police were able to get the man down safe and sound.

The 28 year old rapper was signed to Dream Chasers in 2019 and just bought his mom a new house. Now he's helping to save random lives. I wonder what else 2020 has in store for him. Check out the video o the incident below and go follow @yungro777 @gminfluence on all social media


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