Nahhdahh Drops A Hype Single 'I Feel A Way'

Someone has Oakland native Nahhdahh feeling some type of way. It's okay because he turned it into a hit single entitled 'I Feel A Way'. The hook is repetitive and catchy, ensuring that by the end of the song, your singing along with him. We can all relate to this one. People smiling around you but talk ill when your gone. Maybe being in the same room as someone you don't like.

He hits this hard with an aggressive flow complimented with sneaky bars. They hit out of nowhere. You can believe him when you listen to this track. Describing its message, Nahhdahh says "Sometimes you have to be careful of who you allow in your space." This track hits hard, but definitely keeps it positive in the face of adversity. This is something I would definitely jam to at the club or on the radio. Check out the track below and follow him on all social platforms @nahhdahh

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