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Faustin Asaad Drops Off Eclectic Visual "Hot Summer"

Austin's own Faustin Asaad joins our GMI pages for the first time with his music video for "Hot Summer." He first emerged on the scene in 2011 following an accident that left music as a therapy. In 2013 he was on the 2013 ATX Freshman Class by Aaron "Fresh" Knight. He took a few years off before emerging on the scene again in 2019.

His style is somewhat reminiscent of a young 21 Savage, but maintains his individuality with dope flows and lyrics. His almost relaxed voice bouncing on the chill beat in a hype cadence is probably what makes this song work so well. I don't know how he figured out a style that takes advantage of those 2 polar opposite elements, but its dope and works well for the young and hungry artist.

This is one of the chosen singles from his project "UNTITLED 001" EP. The project is a concise yet expansive 7 song demo in which young Faustin takes off with lyrical ability and flexible styles. That EP is out now if you want to hear more from him. Not only is the art direction self made for this project, but the project is executive produced by Asaad as well. Follow this talented young artist and make sure to follow up on his later drops! @FaustinAsaad

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