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Ab-Soul Is Making A Return From Hiatus

Who would've thought that we would be getting a new Ab-Soul album before Kendrick Lamar's. Its been a long time since we've gotten new music from the Black Hippy/TDE member. His last project, entitled 'Do What Thou Wilt' , dropped in 2016 and the Carson lyricist has been pretty silent ever since.

Anthony Tiffith, better known as Top Dawg, took to Instagram to share the revelation of Soulo in the studio, working on his project. “@souloho3 in the Stu getting ready… #TDE on the way,” Top captioned. You can also clearly hear Ab rapping and working on some heat.

The Black Lipped Pastor has been silent for some time, but the fact that he's releasing new music shouldn't be a surprise. Back in December, he made an update on his new music, simply writing “80%” in one of his Instagram Story clips.

Even though Ab-Soul and Kendrick haven't been releasing music, Schoolboy Q recently released his new single entitled 'Soccer Dad' and it definitely bangs. All of these things have got fans speculating; is TDE planning another big year before Kendrick Lamar leaves to pursue PG Lang?


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