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Anastasia Hera Gives Good Vibes On Her New Album

Austin's own Anastasia Hera is no rookie when it comes to music. Her recently released self titled album, 'This Is Anastasia', proves that she's been consistently improving her craft and keeping up with the times. The 6 track project is solid and gives you a good sense of who she is. The veteran femcee has been rapping and singing on a high level for a while now, and keeps getting better.

Her melodic sing-rap style is well honed, as it seems she's truly found her vocal pocket. She probably did it the best of the fourth song, called 'Holiday'. The seemless way she wove her way between singing and rapping, on both the verse and hook, was enviable to say the least. She seemed to have taken a lot of what she's been learning and going through in life, and condensed it into a digestable project. The work is paying off, as they recently found out that her song got picked up by the BillBoard Hip Hop and RnB Charts.

After listening to the album from beginning to end a few times, you might start hoping that she made the project even longer. Make sure you check out the full album below, and follow her.

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