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Arod Speaks His Mind On His New Single 'Street Blues'

Austin native Arod joins our pages for the first time with some authentic, wavy vibes. His single 'Street Blues' featuring Don Trip, MIP and Tyjamalic will paint a picture in your mind in an instant. Its a must listen if you love hood stories and lyricism.

Arod grew up in the rough area of East Austin, and he's proving that he's here to tell his story in a fresh way. People always think that all of Austin is weird, nice and helpful. But he's bringing light into the hard parts of Austin in a way that's vulnerable and real, which is rare in rap because everybody is mainly worries about being the hardest.

Putting the hard hitting Memphis rapper Don Trip on the track was a great addition to the combo of Arod and MIP, with Tyjamalic on singing the hook. The song can fit many different kinds of vibes if your playing it in a public setting. Last but not least, its relatable in every verse. The track has accumulated over 25,000 views on YouTube already, so catch him before he blows up. Check out the music video below.


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