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Atlanta Rapper Omeretta The Great Drops Fiery Freestyle Over Latto's Hit 'Put It On Da Floor'

Latto's latest single, "Put It On Da Floor," has undeniably become one of the most electrifying hip-hop tracks of the year, generating a whirlwind of excitement. While she tactfully avoids naming specific rappers (despite a line that sparked speculation of a subtle shot at Coi Leray), Latto's presence on the track serves as a bold warning to all her rivals, leaving them on high alert. Notably, this infectious song has also inspired a wave of freestyles from fellow artists eager to prove their mettle.

Adding to the buzz is Atlanta rapper Omeretta The Great, who fearlessly jumps on the beat with her own freestyle, sparing no one in her path.

In her fiery rendition, she fearlessly tackles the controversy surrounding Lil Baby's alleged disses directed at Gunna over rumored plea deal, along with shots fired by Lil Durk and Boosie Bad Azz, both of whom also took aim at Gunna.

Omeretta's lyrical prowess shines through as she fearlessly confronts the situation head-on: "They're talking about Baby throwing disses, seemingly picking sides. But when it comes to Atlanta's business, someone needs to kindly advise Boosie to maintain silence. I've heard Durk all over Instagram, trying to boost his ego, sending disses towards Lil Gunna while Lil Y is out there."

This is not the first time she has stirred up controversy with her bars. Her previous track, "Sorry Not Sorry," caused quite a commotion last February as she questioned the authenticity of individuals claiming Atlanta roots from certain neighborhoods.

Omeretta The Great's bold freestyle adds fuel to the fire and further amplifies the conversation within the hip-hop community. Her unwavering delivery and willingness to confront controversial subjects showcase her remarkable fearlessness as an artist.

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