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Austin Artist Gives A New Sound On Ecclectic New EP

Austin's own DotdotDotdotDotdot (Pronounced Dot Dot Dot) is a unique rapper that uses his different way of thinking to tell detailed stories. He sets himself apart from the rest of the underground scene with his distinctive cadences, beat selection and subject matter. He's creating his own lane that no one else can follow.

The young creative sent over his new EP entitled 'D(dot)ed Ass' (pronounced Dead Ass) and it distinguishes itself from anything you've heard before. Unlike other projects of work that all sound the same all the way through, Dotdot made sure every song sounded different but still meshed together seamlessly.

He comes hard with bars and cadences that compliment each beat nicely and flexes his versatility. The EP is from the perspective from a character that he created named D(dot)ed Wood (pronounced DeadWood). He's a reaper that posts up outside corner stores selling time. It was inspired by Ed Wood and Kevin Smith films and harnesses really creative energy. Check out the ecclectic EP and follow the young artist below.




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