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Austin Artist Stephen Q Unleashes Banger-Filled EP 'Miklo

If you're looking for a new artist to add to your playlist, then look no further than Stephen Q. The Austin-based rapper has just dropped his latest EP "Miklo" and let us tell you, it's an absolute banger! From start to finish, this six-track masterpiece will have you nodding your head and vibing out to every beat.

The EP is named after Stephen Q's alter ego "Miklo," and it's a fitting title as each track tells a story and reveals more about this fascinating character. Stephen Q's lyrics are raw, authentic, and unapologetic. He's not afraid to share his experiences and emotions, which makes his music relatable and empowering.

What's even more impressive is the EP's production. Maxton Beats and Nixie Made It have created a soundscape that complements Stephen Q's flow perfectly. The beats are hard-hitting and memorable, and the featured artists such as Young Clean, 1030 Montana, and Nawf$ide O'Malley add an extra layer of flavor to the already impressive EP.

In conclusion, Stephen Q's "Miklo" EP is a must-listen for anyone who loves authentic, raw, and powerful rap music. The beats are fire, the lyrics are on point, and the featured artists add a unique flavor that makes this EP stand out from the rest. We can't wait to see what Stephen Q has in store for us next!

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