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Banco Ray's New Single Is The Perfect Summer Jam

Banco Ray brings his unique style to our pages with his single 'River City $ummer'. The New Braunfels rapper embodies player vibes on a chill and smooth beat that's perfect to coast to on a summer night. This is his first drop since releasing his album in March 'Ball Outta Control' and he's aiming to keep setting the bar high.

Banco's flow is precise and hits at every crucial point on the beat. You can tell he has been perfecting his own style of music and its a bop. It feels like a cool blend of west coast and southern inspiration with inspiring lyrics. The first verse slid in so smoothly it almost caught me off guard.

The hook is most likely inspired by the rivers of New Braunfels, hence the name River City $ummer. When he moves into the hook, he gives off player vibes while hitting a more melodic tone. Definitely creative use effects in the hook and outro. Backed by dope production by @TavarisJordan, the instrumental is entrancing, with a mix of old and new school vibes. Almost like a modern Dr. Dre beat.

All in all, Banco Ray is a budding star with a lot of potential in his craft. New Braunfels may have to be on the lookout for a new breakout artist. Just take a listen to the link a below and get familiar with the rising, lyrical rapper.


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