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BarsRobinson Teams Up With Kydd Jones On Hot New Single

Austin artist BarsRobinson makes his debut on our pages with a nice, chill joint entitled 'Going Circles'. It features another ATX powerhouse in Kydd Jones. They pair up well on the dark yet smooth beat, using autotuned harmonies to skate through the instrumental.

The vibe of the single RnB like, with rap overtones. Kydd Jones opens the song up with a melodic and poetic verse. He effortlessly tells his story and makes it relatable to other who may be going in circles for the person in their 'situation'. The hook is simple yet catchy, making it easy to sing along to by the time you finish your first listen.

Bars Robinson hops on the 2nd verse with a little more energy and delivery than his melodic counterpart, adding a little extra bounce to the end of the smooth single. He didn't let his confident delivery deter him from delivering a solid storyline consistent to the over all song.

The song is a vibe you can definitely jam too on the drive home on a chill night, or just relaxing to some melodies. The versatility is key. Check out both these rising artists below.


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