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Beyonce Storage Units Targeted In Burglaries

Beyonce was the latest victim in a string of heists in L.A. Three storage units filled with her belongings were burglarized twice earlier this month. The thieves got away with over one million dollars of goods in total from both hits. according to TMZ, items stolen were expensive handbags, designer dresses, kids toys, photo albums and more.

The storage units that were targeted were being rented out by Beyonce's production company, Parkwood Entertainment. But it has been confirmed that the items taken indeed belonged to the 28 time Grammy winner. No arrests have been made so far, as LAPD is still investigating. Even though the songstress/actor hasn't spoken publicly about the robbieries, her production company has confirmed that these allegations are indeed facts.

What's even crazier is the fact that Beyonce is just the latest celebrity to fall victim to storage burglary in L.A. Miley Cyrus' storage space in L.A was also targeted recently, having clothes, family photos and mementos stolen. The list keeps rising as these Hollywood star's storage units in L.A continue to be targeted.


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