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Black Owned Bank On The Rise

It has certainly been a busy few months for 1/2 of the hip hop duo, Run The Jewels. Rap star Killer Mike has expanded past music into the business world with much success. In October of 2020, Killer Mike teamed up with Bounce TV President Ryan Glover and civil rights activist Andrew Young

The blossoming financial startup has received support from some of the top financial tech companies and banks in the world. Mastercard, JPMorgan Chase, Visa and Truist Bank are just a few names that have been added to the growing list of backers and investors behind the upcoming bank. Greenwood had to postpone its original January 2021 launch date because of an unprecedented 500,000 signups before the actual launch.

"I am elated that many of the world's top fintech companies have invested in Greenwood and join us on this mission," Killer Mike said in a recent interview. "The backing of six of the top seven banks and the two largest payment technology companies is a testament to the contemporary influence of the black and latino community."

Greenwood will also be partnering with local black and hispanic owned banks in order to equally distribute lending opportunities to the people.



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