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ByxBreezy and Houstock Do It Again With Another Epic Festival

ByxBreezy and Houstock recently threw an epic 4/20 festival at Taylor's Of Houston, and it was one for the books. The event featured some of the hottest headliners in Houston, including Sunni Tha Rapper and TSF's own Peso Peso.

The festival was held at the impressive Taylor's Of Houston venue, which boasted two stages for performances, one inside and one huge stage outside. The outside stage was particularly exciting, as it provided a great space for attendees to enjoy the music and soak up the sun. There was also a mechanical bull for those feeling adventurous, as well as a variety of food trucks and vendors to choose from.

The celebrity basketball was full of energy. With stars like Stunna4Vegas, Peso Peso, and Kap G it was definitely full of energy and competitive. With so much talent on display, it was no surprise that the festival was a huge success. From start to finish, the energy was high and the performances were incredible. Sunni Tha Rapper delivered a standout set, bringing her signature flow and lyrical prowess to the stage. Peso Peso's performance was equally impressive, with his unique sound and charisma captivating the crowd.

However, it wasn't just the headliners who stole the show. The underground artists also delivered some amazing sets, with DiversiD and Ms. Gold both impressing with their unique styles and lyrical skill.

Overall, the festival was a stunning experience that left attendees eagerly anticipating the next event. ByxBreezy and Houstock have consistently pushed the envelope with their events, and this was no exception. With a range of talented artists, great vendors, and an unbeatable atmosphere,Hou20 festival was a hit.


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