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Caribbean Sensation "Monéa" Applies Pressure With Her New Song "Green Light"

Caribbean sensation, Monéa, has been making waves lately they're reaching farther than the Caribbean. Monéa has made her way to the Good Music influence page for the 1st time and she did not disappoint! She's been expertly taking over the Dance Hall scene and continues to apply pressure with her new video, "Green Light".

Monea Caribbean Artist

The song and video captures its viewers with seductive melodies and a captivating rhythm. The visual representation of the dancehall love song matches the daring and hard hitting lyrics on the track perfectly. She has definitely perfected herself proclaimed style of "Tropikana", as she has coined it. Bringing you music from the Virgin Islands, all the way to Atlanta, Georgia; Monéa has been moving and she isn't letting up off the gas. Check out her music video "Green Light":

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