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DJ Khaled Wins Spot On Hollywood Walk of Fame

DJ Khaled has come a long way on his journey to stardom. He went from DJing small parties and clubs in Miami, to becoming one of the most iconic names in hip hop history. The rags to riches story is truly an inspiring one, as the former radio disc jockey has been successful in many business ventures, as well as music, that continue to raise his stock.

On Monday, April 11th, Khaled was honored with a special ceremony inducting him into the exclusive club, that is, the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Being an icon of such high caliber, its natural that he brought out a number of famous guests. Even with so many familiar faces, none stood out more than fellow moguls and hip hop legends, Diddy, Jay-Z, and Fat Joe.

These legends of New York are seen with Khaled in the footage shared online, embracing him and congratulating him on his success. His star is number 2,719 and is located next to the Amoeba Music record store. This celebration comes around the same time Khaled announced his partnership with Jordan Brand in a collaborative effort to release Air Jordans in 5 colors. It looks like the mogul has another list of things to add to his repertoire.

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