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Drake And Pusha T Beef Back In Full Effect

The hip hop world was on fire a few years ago when the Drake and Pusha T beef first initiated. The two stars went back and forth in a heated exchange of personal attacks disguised as bars. Drake recorded multiple tracks while Pusha T ended up recording a whole album with so many lines aimed at Drake that Aubrey should've got some writers credit.

Pusha recently went in an interview stating that his beef with Drake was over. Well, it seems that either Drake doesn't agree, or nobody gave Drizzy the message. In his recent feature on Jack Harlow's new song 'Have A Turn' it seems that he sent shots directly at Push in his verse.

In the verse, Drake states:

"My urges for revenge are uncontrollable/I know we're getting older though, yeah/But I gotta get a n*gga back for that/It's non-negotiable, it's not even debatable," Drake raps.

"All I hear is plug talk commin' from middleman/All I hear is tall tales comin' from little man"

"If I see ya I spit in ya' faces, ha-tu/Daytonas with the green faces.

We wonder why after so long, Drake is coming back to old business. After some time, the beef had died down, seemingly calmed down by Houston rap icon and business mogul, J Prince. Allegedly, when Drake had showed him the next diss track he was about to drop, Prince called up Kanye and got them to stop releasing. According to Prince, the content of the unreleased diss track was so intense, that it would have been no coming back from it.

Well, now that we're here again, lets see how this plays out. Will Pusha T respond? Will little Adonis eventually throw bars back at the man who revealed him? It looks like its going to be a wild 2022 in the world of hip hop.


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