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Freequency WC Keeps It Raw On New Project

One of Austin's hardest working artists, Freequency WC, just released another project. His consistency is getting better and better. The project, entitled 'Blacko Dolla Vol. 1', probably has the most raw lyrics I've heard from the young artist. Listening to the album, you can tell that every song is authentic and he's not trying to fit into some fad in music.

I wouldn't exactly put it in the same realm as 'Pain Music' that got Rod Wave and Lil TJay popping, but its definitely up front about his feeling on things going on in his life. It taps into personal problems, prejudice he's faced, losing people, etc. He's definitely getting better at painting the picture in your head with his lyrics.

He switches the vibes throughout the EP, from a more chill vibe, to a more bouncy west coast inspired rhythm. 'High Tolerance in ATX' is probably the favorite on the project. From the flow switches to overall song vibe, it'll make its way into your liked songs list before you know it.

Overall, the young emcee didn't miss with this one. Check out the project and support by giving him a follow below.


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