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Itz Kriz Applies Pressure With New Single

San Antonio rapper Itz Kriz has been consistent with his releases and energy, all while boasting his self described 'Trap Kumbia' music. He joins our pages with his new single 'Pressure' featuring MateoSun and Rojo The Panther. Its a good range of different flows over a fire beat. And they do it in two languages.

Kriz kicks off the energy right with an upbeat and catchy hook before he takes off in the first verse. His flow is a solid as he switches back and forth between English and Spanish. A difficult thing to do, that he makes seem easy.

MateoSun hits the next verse with a more chill flow on his verse, as he skate the beat in a confident way that lets you know he's found his flow. Rojo The Panther slid on the third verse with a full Spanish verse. The way his cadence bounces and switches, will get you moving and bobbing your head, even if you don't know Spanish.

In short, the Trap Kumbia King has a banger you have to check out. He might be one of the more slept on artists out in San Antonio. Check out the music video and follow them below.

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