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J. Cole Partners With Puma To Drop New Sneakers

Puma announced their partnership with J. Cole to drop his 2nd line of shoes called "The Dreamer 2."

The premiere colorway of The Dreamer 2,entitled “January 28,” is named after J. Cole’s song with the same name from his popular album 2014 Forest Hills Drive. They dropped a more colors after the initial drop. The shoe line also shared his birthday and the launch date for his first drop.

The sneaker is the second signature basketball sneaker released by J. Cole, a mid-silhouette, designed for wear on and off the court. It’s equipped with the latest RS technology from PUMA. The design boasts that it allows athletes to move at peak performance, while also boasting a bold and slick fashion-forward design.

To debut the sneaker, J. Cole re-imagined the Forest Hills Drive cover art, taking the superstar back to posing on

the roof of his childhood home. Cole claims that the image highlights the sneaker instead of himself, in an attempt to provide a message of “I did it, now it’s your turn.”

The DREAMER 2 is debuted for $135 and is available at the PUMA NYC Flagship Store,,, online and in stores at Foot Looker Inc. Family of Brands, and select retailers worldwide.


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