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Jaron Randolph Speaks His Truth On Latest Release

Upcoming hip hop artist Jaron Randolph has been making moves from Austin to Houston trying to take over the state. He just dropped off his latest single called 'Me...' and its definitely a cool vibe all the way through. Jaron and his producer and childhood friend, Mogonye (pronounced Muh-Go-Knee) teamed up again for this one.

Having a long friendship with your producer puts you ahead of the game. You can hear the eclectic style of Mogonye mesh perfectly with Jaron's unique sound to create a fun sound that the mainstream listeners can enjoy. The song has a chill vibe but Jaron turns the vibe up with his confident tone and cocky lyrics.

Overall, the song gives off a feel that could be compared to the early work of Playboi Carti, who helped create a lane for spacy rap that gets you hype. Listening to the song, an exciting and playful music video would be perfect for this one. Definitely check out what the buzz is about below.

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