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Kendrick Lamar Continues To Prove His GOAT Status With New Video

Kendrick Lamar has taken us on a journey with his music in so many different ways. Since his first album, Section 80, he has switched his sound up with every album. Provided different styles in his visuals with every album. He's made sure that he doesn't give the same sound twice. With his latest album 'Mr. Morale and The Big Steppers' he continued with this trend.

In this new music video to 'Count Me Out' he's gotten even more cinematic. He's not just giving out a visual with his music, but making sure he gives the aura of a master film. Even with 3-4 minute videos, the way the stories are presented leaves you stuck in awe. Showing not only his legendary musical skills, but also showcasing his prowess in acting.

Between the actual story that he's telling in 'Count Me Out' and the therapy session in the music video, its easy to fall into the dulcet tones of the beat while the story is being told.

Check out the music video below.


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