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Kenny Mason's Tells His Story On New Single 'Shells'

Kenny Mason is back to dropping his own fire music after appearing as a feature on JID's hit single 'Dance Now'. Continuing the success of his last album and features, he recently released his album 'Ruffs' as well as a music video called 'Shells'.

Shells is a great single and really gives you a taste of his album. Kenny is known most for his blend of grungy rock elements mixed his hip hop. This album song and album feels like he took a step more in the direction of hip hop, although he still has elements of his usual style as well.

In Shells, the story telling is superb. We love when artists take the time to really paint the picture of what their living. He speaks on growing up around family and friends that were doing normal hood stuff, while he was just trying to avoid doing hood rat stuff with his friends. Keeping a cool head and being smarter to get where he needs to be.

There's a lot of respect to a rapper that tells that kind of story. Usually people try to fake the funk and pretend they were doing those types of things. After all, that's the 'typical image' of a rapper that people try to portray. It needs to be said that you don't have to do that to be successful, from a rapper that's actually successful.

Check out the video and album below


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