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Logic Announces His Retirement From the Rap Game

Just days ago on July 17th, Rapper "Logic" announced to the public that his seventh album, No Pressure, would be his last. The question on the forefront of all of our minds "Why?!"....We have our theories, but here's what outside news sources are saying.

The general public is split (almost) in half. Some of us believe that Logic is taking off his active celeb hat to try his hand at being the world's best dad, as he mentioned in an interview with Billboard Magazine. The rest of us are convinced that Logic is quitting music to take advantage of a multi-million dollar twitch deal, which he recently signed just after announcing his retirement.

According to a report by The Verge Magazine, it's been confirmed! This is a multi-million dollar deal will see Logic tuning in for regular streams each week – which is something he says already did anyway...since 2015! According to the report, Logic has been streaming on Twitch since about 2015, and said, “I’m not this rapper guy, man, I’m just a nerd – I love video games.”

With timeless tracks such as tracks such as "Homicide" and "1-800-273-8255", Logic has changed lives and made a huge impact on the industry. He may be retiring from rapping, but something tells us that we'll be seeing a lot more of him online in the future than we think.


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