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Nas Ties Jay-Z With The Most Top 10 Albums By Rapper

When it comes to longevity in the rap game, few can do what Jay-Z and Nas have done. The statement still rings true to this day, as the New York legends are now tied for the most top 10 albums on the Billboard Hot 200. Nas's latest album drop, Kings Disease III, puts him at 16 entries along with his rival.

Its been a long time coming since he dropped his first studio album, It Was Written, in 1996. The project had the top spot for four weeks straight at the time. Between the two rap powerhouses, NY continues to live up to its name as the Hip Hop Mecca.

Nas always jokes about the once serious feud between him and Hov is never over. Although it seems to have diminished to a playful level, its good to see rivalry still alive in hip hop. On his new album, Nas raps:

“No beef or rivals, they playing ‘Ether’ on Tidal. Brothers can do anything when they decide to. In a Range Rover, dissecting bars from ‘Takeover.’ Sometimes I text Hova like, ‘N####, this ain’t over,’ laughing,” raps Nas on “Thun.”

Check the song below


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