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North West London Rapper "Casscade" Delivers Wild Visuals in His Music Video for "Crazy Scenes"

Hailing from Europe, traveling all the way to Texas, North West London rapper "Casscade" has just dropped off some immensely intense new visuals to in our inbox. He teamed up with London based director Lukey, who has delivered some crazy scenes to match the single. The track, entitled 'Crazy Scenes', dropped late 2020 but its still gaining traction all over the internet. We can definitely say, Casscade got the right collabs on this track. Fellow rising London based artist/producer Raj Forever blessed a verse, and prolific American producer Saint Cardona (whose credits include; Young M.A, Octavian, Fivio Foreign and Mariah Angelica) laid the drill inspired inspired.

This beat is hype and flavorful, paired seamlessly with Casscade’s playful bars and melodic approach; there is something about this track that makes you want to move to it a bit. Raj Forever accents the track perfectly with a memorable hook, nailing down its radio friendly vibe and positive message. This track is definitely something you need to hear. Check out the video below!



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