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Q's New Single Shows That Smooth RnB Isn't Dead

Q Marsden, better known as his artist name, Q, has been putting out nothing but amazing art that goes underrated. The talented vocalist just released a new single called 'Today' and its nothing but a big vibe.

The cinematic and soulful jam is a refreshing blend of old school funk with a modern feel. The beginning of the song is just vocals and melody, giving more weight to the actual lyrics and emotion.

The 2nd half of the song, when the drums and rhythm come in, breathes life into the track and make you move without knowing.

One of the things about Q is that his visuals are just as much art as his music. The concepts for all his music are astoundingly creative. Not surprisingly so, as he refers to himself as a musical "scientist."

Check out the single and music video down below


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