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Rae Sremmurd Popped Back Out With A Hard New Video

Rae Sremmurd really took over when they first popped off with their music. While they have been dropping music over the past couple years, both separately and together, they haven't really been putting together heat like in their prime. From song writing to features, they have been putting in work respectively.

While they have both been alluding to dropping together and making new music for awhile now, it seems that they're now ready to put the foot to the gas. They just released an extremely fun music video and single entitled 'Torpedo'.

We haven't seen the duo with this much energy on a track that wasn't a feature in a while. Even though there are no dates currently, I wouldn't be surprised if they popped up with a new tour soon. One thing they're good at is marketing, so hopefully we can see that soon.

Check out the music video from the duo below.


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