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Rich Homie Quan Is Making A Big Comeback

Its been a long time since the peak of Rich Homie Quan's career. Platinum hits, touring with Young Thug and YSL, and cosigns from the entire hip hop industry. Fast forward to now, he still has respect in the industry but has lacked in hits lately. But he's aiming to change that narrative and get back to where he was with his new releases.

He just released a new music video called 'Stuffed' and its insane. From the flow, style, and beat selection, Quan has moved with the times seamlessly. The short song leaves you wanting more, almost mad that it ended so soon. Making a hard statement for a comeback, the visual actually follows up his album released in November.

The project entitled 'Family & Mula Reloaded' only has 1 feature from No Cap. Its 15 tracks long and full of bangers from start to finish. If any has a case to make a big splash on a comeback, its Rich Homie Quan. His style and demeanor fits right in like he never left. Check out the music video below.


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