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Rolling Up Loud Fest 2: San Antonio's Rising 4/20 Fest

Small festivals come and go, but consistency is key. Consistency is also synonymous perfect to describe the work ethic of San Antonio's Loud City Society. Owned and operated by Aurora Ramirez, AKA DJ Ayye R, the city has another rising powerhouse on the hip hop scene.

They came back this year with their 2nd installment of their 420 friendly festival, and it came back better than ever. From the music, to the vendors, the whole scene was one to remember. The people were friendly (hopefully because you shouldn't be angry smoking herb) and the DJ was on point.

The lineup was filled with talent from all over Texas. The stage lights hitting the artists face while the smoke machine flooded the room made the performances stand out even more. With San Antonio powerhouses like Stilo Jordan and Toshiyo Ghoul killing the stage, to Austin/St.Croix's Khilla Keys, every artist left their all on the stage to a cheering crowd.

Don't believe us? We recorded it. Check it out down below

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