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San Antonio Rapper "Sixty Six" Drop Fire Bars in His New Music Video for "Talm Bout"

Here's a refreshing new face to the GMI pages. Texas artist, "Sixty Six", just sent our team his fire new single. Born and raised in San Antonio, Texas, this young artist has been through quite a few struggles in an effort to one day achieve financial freedom for his family. Judging by the way his new song "Talm Bout" is taking off, this rising artist is well on the way there.

Sixty Six San Antonio Rapper

Listening to the flow and lyrics in his song, you can tell he's speaking from first hand experience. No cap in his rap. In this song. he skates the beat effortlessly, all while providing bars that hit hard. Definitely something you could bang on the way to the club to get hype. But he also keeps it real, touching on the topic of drug use and how the people he sees around him use and depend on it to function, meanwhile exclaiming that he himself doesn't need it. In our opinion, if he keeps moving this way you'll definitely be hearing his name pop up in conversations around the more popular upcoming artists in Texas soon. Take a look at the video below and let us know what you think!


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