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Saweetie Opens Up About The Rumors On New Song

Saweetie is finally speaking on the stories that has been circulating on social media for months now. On her latest single," DONT SAY NOTHIN', she calls out blogs, friends and exes throughout the entire track.

She“Why n-ggas always speakin’ on who I’m fuckin’ on?” she raps in the first verse. “He must’ve got excited when I Facetimed with notin’ on/ Them same lips that’s yappin’ be the ones I nutted on.”

Elsewhere on the new single, she spits: “That’s what I get for kissin’ on these frogs/ He got mad and told my business to the blogs/ N-gga pause, I’m appalled, need to chill out.”

She has also went on to stat in interviews that this song came from a perspective of just venting. Many people are saying that she dropped it during this period of mourning in an act of pettiness towards Quavo. Others are saying it just happened to be that kind of bad timing, but it wasn't purposefully done. What do you guys think? Check out the song below

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