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Swae Lee Is Expecting First Child With Girlfriend

Rae Sremmurd star Swae Lee is expecting his first child with his girlfriend Victoria Kristine.

The news was revealed by Victoria on her Instagram. She took to social media with photos from the baby shower. The shower had a safari theme with “Baby Brown” displayed throughout their home.

“Our little wild one is on the way,” she wrote in the caption.

Kristine also confirmed they’re expecting a baby boy by writing “SON OTW @swaelee” on her Intagram Stories, before showing off a new Land Rover gifted by Swae Lee for the special occasion.

Swae Lee spoke to Office Magazine previously about his upcoming projects and hopes for the future, mentioning in passing thoughts about his own future children.

“I’m working on my album, and I’m working on [SREMM4LIFE],” he said at the time. “And I’m working on Human Nature, my debut album as a solo artist. For 2021, I hope we can all just get along. That everybody can get along, that I can get this album out, and that we can go back outside, and that people can just see people for who they are, the good in people.”

He continued: “And that people can meet in the middle and be true and that everybody can live their truth and find happiness. And spread joy for years and years, for my kids and their kids, and their grandkids’ grandkids.”

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