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TB Robby's New Single Is A Big Deal

San Antonio's TB Robby has been putting in a lot of work lately, proving his work ethic with his rapid release of fun singles. He joins our pages with his new song 'Big Deal' and its definitely one that gets you up and moving. It can be described as introspective music with energy.

One of my favorite things about this song is that the story seems authentic. We're in a music world where every body talks about being hard, but songs seem hollow and repetitive even if the artists are different. Listening to Big Deal, the lyrics in Robby's verses seem real and put visuals in my head. When he started the first verse, he gets into putting us through his day and the hustle in everyday life.

He definitely delivered a hype hook with a cadence that gets stuck in your head, even if your don't know the words completely yet. Beat selection is imperative to a song's success and he one that was perfect for his unique style.

Notable lines: 'Got the call at like 9 in the morning/ Gotta meet like ya sign for ya bonus/ I already know the deal is bogus/ But I wanna run the league like coaches'

Follow the young artist and check out the single below!


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