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Texas artist "St. Lemoor" is Bringing Good Music and Positive Vibes to the Game

Texas artist St. Lemoor is encompasses the idea of "Good Music" which is why we had to add him to the GMI page. Delivering positive vibes, the self proclaimed 'Edutainer' dropped off his three track EP entitled "By Any Means" and its riddled with bars that will teach you a little something.

He takes you on a journey through the struggles of being black in America as the pressing topic of #Blacklivesmatter continues to flood the media. He touches a plethora of subjects, including poverty, oppression, and raising young kings and queens, just to name a few. The production gives you a modernized boom bap feel, and will get your head bobbing before your realize it. Bringing a new wave of fresh positivity that you don't hear often and blending it with lyrics and entertainment, the project is solid all the way through. These are black positive anthems are definitely something you can play on your way to work, or bang it loud on the way to class. Check out his new EP:



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