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The Houston Hottie is now the Houston Hero

Today Megan thee stallion has a lot to celebrate. On Saturday December 11th, she walked the stage at Texas Southern University holding her bachelors of science degree in health administration. The internet went crazy as the Houston hottie gallantly crossed the stage surrounded by a room of roaring applause. And of course her partner and lover Pardison Fontaine was there to greet her with gifts and adornment.

To add to the excitement, Megan the stallion today was awarded the 18th Congressional District Humanitarian Hero Award of Texas by congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, in her hometown of Houston Texas. Through the loss of family and personal life trauma Megan has proven to be undefeated in more ways than one. The recent excitement around her many accomplishments has the entire world waiting on the edge of their seats wondering what she's got next for us.



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