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The Loft's New Single Is A Club Hit

The Loft makes his way to the GMI pages for the first time with a hot single and music video for 'Not Enough' featuring Pauliiito. The beat gets you ready to bounce before the drums even hit. Its a fun listen to say the least.

The song is definitely something you would listen to when your feeling yourself or your trying to get the vibe going. The energy on the song is crazy. The Loft starts the song with his melodic, autotuned hook that's simple and easy to remember. Both his and Pauliiito's verses are hard hitting and cocky. They hit the beat without making the melodies of the instrumental obsolete. Listening to the track in the club will make you want to go talk to that girl you've been eyeing all night.

The Loft is an artist based out of San Antonio. His music dates back to 2017, and has a mix LA and TX vibes. You can hear it on this song for sure. Overall the song is a mainstream hit. Definitely check out the music video below.

Follow him @partyintheloft

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