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The SmokeOut ATX Continues To Impress During SXSW

If your in the Austin Hip Hop scene, whether it be as a fan or an artist, there's no doubt that you've heard of The SmokeOut. J Soulja, Austin artist and entrepreneur, has been running and building this legacy for some time now. Even still, he manages to make it bigger and better every time.

From being a local showcase, to growing into a repeat Official SXSW event, the growth is visible and clear. With headliners such as Sunni Tha Rapper, Y2, and fellow Austin MC WhooKilledKenny, you can bet that the energy was there.

With standout performances by DreTheGr8, Willo, and LowKeyCody, it was jumping from beginning to end. With great performers and sponsors such as BMI, Six Square, and Tree Rolls Hemp Company, the event was sold out at Revival Coffee.

Can't wait to see what J Soulja and DJ Napalm have in store for the future. Check out a small glimpse of the show below!


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