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The Teeta Drops Hot New Album '24'

One of Austin's rising emcees, The Teeta, keep pushing and improving his craft to the next level. He just released a full length album called '24'. He has definitely been one of the most consistent artists in Texas and he keeps proving why you should put respect on his name. From being graced on the cover of the Austin Chronicle, to being on stage with legends like Lil B, his resume continues to get bigger.

Throughout the album he shows you the different sides of Teeta, ranging from chill and honest lyrics to bangers that make you want to start a mosh pit in your living room. One thing that never changed about any of the songs is that the energy is crazy. When Teeta is going off, he's in a lane of his own and he flexes that a lot in this project.

His flows made fire beats even better. The production on albums are so imperative and he hit this one perfectly. He worked with some hot and underrated producers who definitely don't need to be slept on! Boss Beatz, LDevell, and Mogonye (pronounced muh-go-knee) provided some major bangers for this album.

Overall The Teeta delivered one of our favorite projects from him so far. And that says a lot seeing as his resume is pretty extensive. Our favorite songs were Waze and Energy, but there's plenty to choose from. You should check it out below and see which song is your favorite.


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