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Toshiyo Ghoul Flexes Big Cheddar In New Single

Texas artist Toshiyo Ghoul sent over a fun track called 'Big Cheddar' and it bangs. The track is featuring F.K Mari and pair compliment each other well. Definitely the type of track to put in your gym playlist. The ominous instrumental sets a solid tone before the two young emcees go off.

The song is confident to say the least. Toshiyo and F.K talk some big talk on the single. Honestly, with the bouncy and fun vibe, this song could possibly do well on Tik Tok with a dance. Being in Texas for the last few years, he definitely picked up on the Texas style of rap, especially with people like Quin NFN, Lil 2z, and G$ Lil Ronnie opening that lane up to the mainstream.

Over all, Toshiyo Ghoul and F.K Mari have a possible big song, waiting to blow. Definitely something that will get you turnt up on a fun night out. Check it out below.

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