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Toshiyo Gives Cold Bars On A Hot Single

There are a lot of artists on the underground scene in central Texas, but few are as consistent as San Antonio's Toshiyo Ghoul. From his style, to the energy and feel of his music, everything about him seems authentic and fun. He continues this trend on his new single, Fire And Ice.

Continuing to bring us high energy music to have fun to, he displays a new sound and flow on this single. Stepping out of your box can be one of the greatest things you can do for yourself as an artist, and he exemplified that on his single.

Speaking about heartbreak on an upbeat song is always a risk, but he pulled it off nicely. Giving off Lil Uzi-ish vibes, he definitely laid out a hit that young people going through angst and love loss can relate to heavily. As this young creative continues to evolves, so does his craft and its refreshing to see on the underground scene. Definitely check out Toshiyo on his new single and follow him below.


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