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Unmissable Night: Chamillionaire and DiversiD Set to Ignite Smoke Texas in San Antonio

Get ready to light up your Friday night with a highly anticipated concert at Smoke Texas in downtown San Antonio. The iconic Chamillionaire is headlining the event, promising an unforgettable evening filled with energy. Joining him in the spotlight is the talented and dynamic Texan artist and entrepreneur, DiversiD.

DiversiD's reputation as a show-stopper precedes him, and he's been making waves in his city like a true local icon. His recent coup was on July 13th, when he took the stage at Paper Tiger alongside Memphis sensation Duke Deuce, turning the city upside down. Now, the anticipation is reaching new heights as he takes on the co-headlining role alongside the legendary Chamillionaire at Smoke Texas. This is a night that's been buzzed about, hyped up, and eagerly awaited by the San Antonio community.

DiversiD's meteoric rise is a testament to his relentless drive and commitment to pushing boundaries. With every performance, he's carving a path that places his city firmly on the map of musical greatness. So, if you're on the lookout for the ultimate Friday night escape, make your way to Smoke Texas with Chamillionaire and the trailblazing DiversiD.


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