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Wave Tribe Flexes A New Inspiring Banger

Wave Tribe is making their debut on the GMI pages with their new single 'Manifest'. The hip hop duo (Miles & Kee) is one of the more slept on gems from Austin. When it comes to songs and bars, they could definitely put their name in the conversation as one of the top duos in the city. They rarely miss on a track.

The beat selection was impeccable, as the ominous yet hard instrumental captures you immediately. The hook slides smoothly in and gets your head bobbing in the beginning. With the simple and catchy hook, its easy to remember and sing along with the first hook, which is rare.

Miles hits the first verse and holds his own with his consistent and easy to listen to flow. The use of sound effects to accent his bars are flawless. Kee hits the second verse with a slightly more aggressive tone which accents Miles verse nicely. Overall they both laid down some fire that could be put on any big rap playlist on Spotify and fit right in. These two are definitely a pair to hear. Check out the wavy visual to 'Manifest' below and follow the young artists.

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