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Wiz Khalifa Speaks On The State of Hip Hop

Pittsburgh superstar Wiz Khalifa has always been open about his views. He's not been known for too much controversy, but he never shies away when it comes to his opinion. In a recent interview, he speaks his mind on how he sees the state of rap now a days.

After dropping his recent pop/funk inspired album entitled Multiverse, the Taylor Gang leader spoke with XXL Magazine in an interview where he speaks on the musicians and instruments that made the vibe of his new album.

Wiz said he made the decision to do this because he wanted to show the younger generation a different “musical experience” than they’re used to.

“It just reminds people of different musical experiences,” he told the outlet. “Right now, we’re kind of in a box just because the younger generation, they haven’t really experienced the things that we went through, you know what I mean? So, it’s like, to give them that option so they can feel it and know what it feels like.”

He continued: “That’s not to say that anything is right or wrong or better or worse, but it’s just to give you that experience and involve you into it, and to give you a chance to get that on a heightened level.”

Check the full interview below.

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