Who We Are

Good Music Influence is a premier event production company and music blog, that has a heavy focus on Hip-Hop, R&B, Rap and Indie music culture. It is our belief that all artists, independent or signed, need an outlet to broadcast their works of art. We all need a voice, which is exactly what GMI aims to provide for the growing group of talented young artists of the culture.

What We Do

We take pride in hand selecting the talent that gets displayed in our blog, ensuring that the sounds are always "good". This is a space in which the "influence" of up and coming artists, locally and nationally, all get maximized.


GMI has recently stepped onto the Hip-hop event production scene and dominated the competition in putting together some of the most exciting and interactive showcases Austin has ever seen! All artists on a GMI showcase are compensated for their time at a respectable rate. We aim to kill the "Pay to Play" culture in the local music scene by treating our events like our blog selection. The event is never publicized until the line-up is final, meaning, we hand-select all of our artists to ensure quality sounds and good vibes. 

What We Stand For

GMI began as just a media production company and music blog, but over recent years, has had the opportunity to grow to be much more. With every event that we host, plan or promote, GMI dedicates a % of it's proceeds to a notable, honest charity. We believe in putting our funds to good use and influencing the world, one artist, one showcase, one step at a time. 

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