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Tez Pariah - Revenge of the Moonwalkers

Revenge of The Moonwalkers is an 11-track debut solo album from 20-year-old artist Tez Pariah. It was released independently on September 22, 2016. Last year, he released 2 mixtapes and one collaborative album. Pariah was born in Durham, NC but was raised in Marietta, GA at the age of 7. The featured artists on the new project are Champ of Solace,Desiree Babb, John Blunt, Kion Shaw, Mercedes Pulliam,Ovalord Q, & Ryan Milla. The producers on the project are Goldwish, Jaylen!, Lord Fox, Platinum Tracks on Deck, Richie Souf, Tme.Bttr.Spnt, & Uncle Flex.

The album was supported by three singles, “Blue Bands” featuring Kion Shaw, “By My Side” featuring Mercedes Pullman & Desiree Babb, and “Solarity.” Pariah stated that the concept of the project is “for the listeners to remember the small wins even if you face huge losses, especially when you're grinding for what you want.

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